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About Us

About Kidpassage

Who we are, what we do, and how we can help you

What we do

Every new journey is always like a fairy tale. Bright sunlight hits the airplane window, and unfamiliar but alluring smells, beautiful places, and exciting people. You want to share all these things and feelings with the most important person in your life — your child.

Kidpassage is an information and recommendation service that helps parents choose holiday destinations and leisure activities, as well as provides a wealth of other helpful information necessary when planning a trip with children. On the pages of our site, you will see directories of resorts, family-friendly hotels, tours, children's activities and summer camps, travelers' reviews, and valuable publications related to child and family vacations. It's all in one place, with easy navigation and an understanding of what parents need.

Kidpassage is not a travel agency or tour operator. Kidpassage is an independent information resource that saves time and provides all the information you need in one place. Forget about frantically searching for essential details online or in mountains of print media. You no longer need to collect valuable information because Kidpassage is a comprehensive approach to planning a vacation with children: where to go, where to stay, and what to do.

Only about children

We appreciate parents' time, so you will find information about children's and family vacations on our website. We describe only those resorts that are best suited for family vacations. We look for those activities and excursions that you would want to visit with your kids. We study in detail only those hotels in which children are always welcome and the most favorite guests.

Unique Collections

We don't charge money for placing hotels or entertainment places on the pages of our site. We select the most exciting objects and create a unique listing. Each object must meet specific criteria to be included in the Kidpassage catalog. We hand-select each hotel, tour, and camp, so we are confident that any object on our site is perfect for a family vacation or leisure.

We understand the responsibility we take for all the recommendations we give on our pages, so we put in the catalog only those hotels where we would go, describe only the entertainment, and where we would like to take our children.

All descriptions, without exception, are not standard texts copied from other sources, but our scrupulous mini-reviews reveal the main question — why do we recommend this hotel or resort for holidays with children? We deliver objective information to help you make the right choice. Kidpassage is proud of its collection because it is years of work, resulting in words of gratitude and feedback from many moms and dads.

All at once

Our website offers many types of different filters for your convenience. Want to find all the water parks in your resort? You are welcome! All you have to do is mark it in the filter. Do you want to choose only those hotels with a pool or mini club? It's easy! Are you only interested in hotels within 50 km of the airport? No problem. You can always sort them by country or subject to avoid getting lost in the numerous publications. It's straightforward and, most importantly, fast!

Although Kidpassage is primarily an information resource, we have ensured that you can quickly book the hotel you like or buy a tour. All this is possible thanks to our incredible partners, travel products presented in a wide range on our site. All you need to do is choose the dates you are interested in and click on the link, and you will be transferred to the forms on the sites of travel service providers.

Welcome to Kidpassage!


My name is Tetiana Danylchuk, and I am happy to welcome you to the Kidpassage online travel portal.

I am sure you have come here for a reason. If only because you, like me, adore your children, and traveling with them is an integral part of your life. Our project team works daily to create materials that can be indispensable helpers when planning a family vacation. Gathering information from all corners of the planet, we select only the most valuable materials, systematize them, and allow parents to fully prepare for the trip with the help of only one resource.

The time spent on our site will not be wasted, and the received information will significantly save you time and money. We are working to make your vacation with children even more exciting and informative!


I wish you all the best for your vacation

Tetiana Danylchuk,
Founder of

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