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Terms of Use

We are pleased to welcome you to the travel website about children and family vacations is an information site for parents who love to travel with their children. It's a resource for those who are looking for fresh ideas for holidays, value their time and pay attention to every detail in the question of children's recreation. The main goal of the project is to help parents in travel organizing . On the pages of our website you will find tons of information about where to go, what to do and where to stay when traveling. We do not sell tours, trips, airline tickets, or any other travel services. We provide information and help you make the right choice.

1. General provisions

All rights of access to the information posted on the website, as well as the rights to use the services of this site are governed by this Agreement. By accessing the site and using the services of the site, you confirm your consent to the Terms of Use of the resource enshrined in this Agreement.  

By using the site and any of its services, you accept the terms of the Terms of Use Agreement set forth below and undertake to comply with them in full without any exceptions or restrictions (regardless of whether you are a registered user or not). Please read this Agreement carefully. If for some reason you are not ready to accept the Agreement or do not agree with any of its provisions, we sincerely ask you to refrain from using our resource. An active link to this Agreement is placed on the main page of the website and is available to each of its visitors. 

Users agree not to use the website (in whole or in part) for commercial purposes, unless they have a contractual relationship with the administration of the resource. In addition, users agree not to use the website for:

•  making changes to the software and disrupting the operation of the site;
•  uploading materials that contradict current legislation;
•  sending advertising and other materials (including spam) on its own behalf or on behalf of third parties;
•  downloading or sending out any material that contains computer viruses and malicious code;
•  to reproduce the materials of this site in order to create a complete copy of this website or any part of it;
•  unauthorized collection and storage of personal data of third parties;
•  posting links to Internet resources, the content of which is contrary to international law and current legislation;
•  access to its source code and internal content. Reproduction of this software is strictly prohibited and protected by copyright law.


2. User registration

The use of certain services of the site requires mandatory registration from users. After completing the registration procedure, the user is provided with an account through which he gets access to the relevant services. 

We kindly ask all users to provide correct and valid contact information when registering and to keep it up to date. We may need this information to contact you. Personal (including contact) information is stored and processed by us in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy. We guarantee confidentiality of your contact information and will not use it for illegal purposes and will not disclose it to third parties, except in cases separately provided in this Agreement and the Privacy Policy. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that the data provided by a user is not correct or reliable, we reserve the right to block or delete the account of such a user and deny him or her further use of or any of its services.

During registration user can choose any login and password at his/her own discretion, except for those that are already used by other users at the time of registration, or those that are prohibited by the administration of User assumes all risks and is solely responsible for all actions performed under his/her account. The user must independently ensure the security and confidentiality of the password used to enter the site. In case of loss of the password or unauthorized access to the site by third parties on behalf of the user and under his/her account, the user must immediately notify the administration of

The user has the right at any time to delete his account on Voluntary deletion of the account in no way affects the user's ability to further use and any of its services that do not require registration. A deleted account cannot be restored, and if you choose to recreate your account, you will need to sign up again from the beginning

A registered user has the right to change his or her registration information at any time by making changes to his or her account.


3. Intellectual property rights

All materials and other content of this website (including, but not limited to: software, design, information materials, photo, video and audio materials, illustrations and any other data) in full and without any restrictions are the property of copyright holders. All rights reserved. All materials posted on are protected by international legislation. users, except in certain cases specified in this Agreement, have no right to copy, distribute, publish, modify, reproduce, sell any information, software, goods or services presented on this site without prior written consent of its administration.

The design, structure, images and appearance of the website pages, including all icons, graphics and color schemes, is a corporate identity and can not be copied in whole or in part, including for the creation of other websites or information resources, without written permission of the copyright holders of All other trademarks, product names and company logos on are the property of their owners and are protected by copyright in accordance with the law. 

In accordance with this Agreement, users have the right to view, download, copy and print the information materials of the site solely for personal non-commercial use. Users are prohibited from using these materials for profit or for any other commercial purposes. At the same time, any copy of information materials must contain a link to the corresponding page of the website, which contains the original of the copied materials. Users have the right to copy and post the information materials of the website on third-party Internet resources only if three mandatory conditions are met:

1. On a third-party Internet resource, only the announcement of informational material (articles, reports, reviews) with a volume of no more than 500 characters is posted
2. No changes are made to the copied informational material, and it exactly copies the original of the same material posted on the corresponding page of the website
3. An active link (at the beginning or at the end of the material) to the corresponding page of, which contains the original copied material, must be placed on a third-party Internet resource. 

By posting information on pages (reviews, reports, questions, notes, comments, replies, photos, video, audio and any other materials), and by submitting information via email, users grant administration a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable right:

•  use, publish, distribute, translate, reproduce, create derivative audio and video materials using this information, as well as openly display and allow access to this information to anyone;
•  use the Name specified by the user who posted the information;
•  prosecute any person or organization that violates the user's rights or's rights to said information;

Users of the site agree that the information posted by them on this site is not their property and is not confidential. The administration of the site is not responsible for the information posted or published by users. 
In the event that users have copyrights to materials posted by them on the website, users agree that:
•  they do not object to the publication, use, deletion, editing, updating, reproduction in any other form of their material and do not insist that this material contain a mandatory reference to its authors;
•  they waive property rights to these materials, as well as agree that in the future they will not have any claims or lawsuits for compensation for unauthorized use of these materials on the pages of or on the pages of its partners.


4. Rules for publishing materials

The structure of the site, among other things, contains sections in which users can post information (reviews, reports, notes, comments, messages on forums, in feedback forms, emails.). Some sections are available only to registered users. In some sections, users can post information without going through the mandatory registration procedure.  

Each user of (regardless of whether he is registered or not) guarantees that any information posted or published by him on the website is true and reliable. The user is aware that for the placement of deliberately false, erroneous or inaccurate information, he is fully responsible in accordance with applicable law. By posting information on the website, the user also guarantees and is responsible for its originality, legality of placement and compliance with copyrights.

By posting information, regardless of the section and regardless of whether it is registered on the website or not, each user agrees not to create, copy, distribute, store, transmit or publish:

•  Information and any other materials the distribution of which is prohibited by applicable law or international law
•  Information that is offensive to other users, including but not limited to: information that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred of a particular group of people, etc.
•  Information containing obscene or offensive language
•  Information that violates the rights of third parties, including minors
•  Information on how to engage in illegal activities, including, but not limited to: buying and using illegal weapons, creating computer viruses, privacy violations, etc.
•  Information that may be a guide to conducting illegal activities, committing a crime, breaking the law or violating the rights and freedoms of third parties.
•  Information that is false, illegal, or misleading
•  Information aimed to discredit third parties
•  Information with obscene, indecent, ambiguous content, including but not limited to: information of pornographic content, information violating property rights, information offensive to third parties, etc.
•  Information the content of which may violate intellectual property rights, including but not limited to: copyrights, patents, trademark rights, trade secrets, etc. 
•  Information containing advertising, spam, political agitation, mass emails to the administration of, as well as any of its users
•  Information posted for the purpose of commercial activities, without the consent of the admin
•  Information about a third party that is personal to that person and posted on pages without their knowledge or consent. Such information includes, but is not limited to: full name, phone number, mailing address, email address, passport information, driver's license numbers, bank and other card numbers, etc.
•  Information that, in the sole discretion of the administration, violates any of the terms listed herein, is objectionable, may harm the site and any of its users, may violate the rights of users, or may serve as grounds for bringing any kind of liability against either the site administration or any of its users.

Users give their consent to posting and publishing information on only under the terms set forth in the Terms of Publication and the Terms of Use Agreement. Any violation of these conditions may result in a ban on further use of the site or a ban on the posting and publication of information on the site. The administration of reserves the right at any time to suspend the user's access to posting and publishing information on

The administration of the site reserves the right to disclose the information it has about users if it is contacted by the authorities in the manner prescribed by law.

The administration of is not responsible for the information posted and published on the pages of the site users, for the loss of this information, for libel, slander, fraud, or damage that may be caused by this information to other users. 

The site administration reserves the right (at its own discretion):

•  delete (in whole or in part), edit or prevent publication of information and any materials posted by users on the pages of the website
•  remove links to other (external) Internet resources posted by users on pages
•  block the user account (for a specified period of time or permanently).

The administration of the site will make every effort not to resort to the actions referred to in this paragraph, but if it still happens, the site administration is not obliged to provide users with an explanation of the reasons for these actions.


5. Limitation of liability visitors are not charged for viewing, using the site or its services. The site together with all its services is presented as is, and visitors use the site and related services at their own risk. 

Visitors to this site can click on links to other sitesowned and operated by third parties. These parties are not our representatives. The terms of use of sites operated by third parties, as well as possible availability of paid services should be specified directly on these sites. Any information about paid goods and services posted on is provided to users for informational purposes only. is not a seller of goods and services, and does not enter into commercial relationships with users of the site on these issues. cannot guarantee the accuracy of information materials provided by external vendors, and is not responsible for their content. also cannot control external suppliers in terms of the quality of the goods and services they provide or in terms of their pricing.

Any information posted and published on may contain errors or inaccuracies. Among other things, errors may be contained in the software, products, and services provided on this site by third-party vendors. does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information posted on the site, and is not responsible for errors or inaccuracies regarding the information posted on the site.

The administration of cannot guarantee that the information posted on the site is not outdated, including but not limited to the information:

•  about the characteristics of hotels, children's camps, amusement parks, museums, zoos, etc.
•  prices for hotels, airtickets, insurance, car rentals, and other tickets
•  about the working hours of amusement parks, attractions, and the cost of admission tickets
•  any other information, the relevance of which can be checked directly with the service provider. cannot guarantee that:

•  materials and services presented on the site, as well as the quality of services will be fully consistent with your requirements and goals;
•  the results of using the site or any of its services will be accurate and reliable;
•  the ratings about the recommendations presented on the site will match your personal opinion. makes no warranty that this website, its servers, or the email messages sent from it, are free of viruses or other harmful software. reserves the right to:

•  suspend or discontinue services (including providing uninterrupted access to all or part of the site's content) at any time and for any period 
•  suspend or otherwise restrict your access to the entire site or any of its sections or features in particular. is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, potential losses, penalties, loss of income, profits or goodwill that may be associated in any way with

•  your use of as well as any information and materials posted on it;
•  the inability to access, as well as any of its materials and services for a certain period of time;
•  the inability to view information previously posted on the website for any specific period of time due to its deletion, editing or other reasons. 

You agree to be solely responsible for any and all actions you take on the website. In the event of any claims, demands, fines, penalties, lawsuits, costs and expenses initiated by third parties in the event of Your violation of this Agreement, the terms of use of this website or violation of the law or the rights of third parties, You agree to be fully responsible to third parties instead of the administration of, its employees and affiliated companies.

Tips, suggestions and other information posted on by both its administration and its users are for guidance only. Please make sure before you go on a tourist trip, visit an attraction, go on an excursion, etc., that such a trip is safe for both you and your children. Study the information provided directly by the service provider in order to take all safety measures in advance. The administration of is not responsible for any damages, or any possible losses that resulted directly or indirectly from the implementation of a tourist trip based on the recommendations presented on


6. Final provisions

If you have any complaints or suggestions regarding the operation of the website, please contact us via the feedback form. We also ask you contact us if you believe that any of the materials posted on the website infringe your copyrights. We will try to investigate as soon as possible and remove information illegally posted on the pages of our site as soon as possible. In case of violation by the user of any of the provisions of this Agreement, the administration of the website reserves the right to protect its interests in the manner prescribed by law.

We reserve the right at any time unilaterally in accordance with this Agreement if temporary reasons arise. Please review this page to be aware of the latest changes that may have been made to this Agreement. Continued use of the site and its maintenance means acceptance of all changes made to the Agreement. If you have any additional questions, please, contact us using feedback form.


Version of the Agreement dated March 01, 2023

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