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Planning a family holiday with children? Make sure you book rooms in a hotel that is conveniently located to the beach, the ski lift or the sights you want to visit.

Experience shows that the most popular hotels with families are those specially designed for families with children. In such hotels you can comfortably settle down with your fidget in one or more rooms, get a number of pleasant additional bonuses associated with the fact that a little traveller has come to rest with you.

A complete all-inclusive holiday. To ensure that every member of the family can enjoy their stay at the resort, the area of the family hotel is usually made up of several areas and a complex of buildings, and is equipped with the fact that there are children of different ages.

There are usually playgrounds and sports grounds, children's rooms and cafes, swimming pools, water parks, cinemas and other entertainment facilities necessary for an active child.

Parents are also offered the services of animators and entertainment programmes, which will perfectly diversify the child's leisure time.

The "Family-friendly hotels" category allows you to choose the hotel, apartment or villa that best suits your needs in terms of accommodation, childcare facilities, entertainment and, of course, budget.

Kidpassage offers you the opportunity to choose the best hotels for family holidays, whose internal organisation will allow you to enjoy a comfortable and carefree holiday. In such hotels all problems are solved for you and your task is to enjoy yourself. Most of the hotels in our list have the following features:

  • Services of experienced animators and caring nannies;
  • Availability of high chair, cot, etc. in the room;
  • In-room kitchens and the availability of children's menus in restaurants;
  • A good location;
  • Water slides, pools and playgrounds;
  • Family two-room suites;

Kid-friendly hotels are incredibly comfortable and designed to meet the needs of both parents and their children. Spending your holiday in a family hotel will allow you to experience a whole range of positive emotions, relax and get the most out of your holiday. We advise you not to waste a single minute choosing a hotel on our site, read reviews of holidaymakers, compare them and feel free to go on the holiday of your dreams together with your children!