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Privacy Policy

Dear visitors of!

Please read the information in this document carefully. By using and all of its services, you express your full consent to this privacy statement (Privacy Policy). 

The administration of reserves the right to make changes to this policy unilaterally at any time by publishing them on this page. Continued use of the site and any of its services means your acceptance of such changes in full and without limitation. If you for any reason are not willing to accept the terms set out in the Privacy Policy or do not agree to any of its provisions, we would sincerely ask you to refrain from using our resource. An active link to the latest version of the Privacy Policy is posted on the homepage of and is available to every visitor. 

1. Personal information

During your browsing of, we do not collect personally identifiable information about you. This means that we do not know your first name, last name, middle name, phone number, mailing address, email address, or other identifying information. 

At the same time, we collect and store any information that you enter on or otherwise submit to us. In addition to personally identifiable information (such as your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, username and password when you register for an account), we may from time to time request additional information from you so that you can take full advantage of our services and receive the best possible results. Providing any type of information by you is not a condition of using our site, and if you choose not to provide any information about yourself or your preferences, you can choose not to do so. However, if you do, some of the services we provide may not be available. 

Each user can change his or her personal information or delete it (in whole or in part) at any time by using the appropriate services on this website. Registration and terms of use of the user account are described in more detail in the Terms of Use Agreement.

Except when you enter personal information on our site yourself, we have the opportunity to receive some data about you from other sources: from our partners, from social networks or from third parties, if you left information about yourself and terms of use with them their services or privacy policy permits the transfer of your information to third parties. This opportunity applies both to obtaining new information about you, and to updating existing information or supplementing it.  

2. Information recieved automatically

During each visit to the website, whether you are a registered user or not, we have the opportunity to automatically receive some technical information about your computer and your behavior on our website, including, but not exclusively: IP address, information from the "cookie", the web browser used, the address of the requested page, the pages viewed (number and time). This information may be used by us solely to improve the services we provide to you and for no other purpose.  

The website uses cookie technology. "Cookies are small information files generated by a web server. Temporary cookies are automatically deleted when you leave our site. A permanent cookie is usually stored on the hard drive of a user's computer until it is deleted by the user. Cookies are encrypted for security purposes. 

Cookies do not normally cause any harm to your computer, files or software. We may use cookies to save and remember the settings you made on your last visit to our site, to monitor your behavior on our site and to provide the most useful services to you, to provide services from third parties based on your interests and preferences. You may disable /delete/clear cookies (in whole or in part) in your browser at any time, or set your browser to accept cookies accordingly.

3. For what purpose we may collect personal information

We may collect, store and process information from users for the following purposes:
•  to communicate with the user (e-mail, feedback form, etc.) on any issues related to the use of or any of its services, as well as partner services;
•  to send users special notifications (newsletters) about news, new services, special offers, announcements of new materials and other services related to the operation of;
•  to identify the user while using and any of its services;
•  to improve the quality of services, to increase usability and to personalize the services provided;
•  to allow users to manage their accounts;
•  for other purposes, aimed solely at improving the quality of services provided to users, not contrary to applicable law and ensuring the confidentiality of user data.

4. Information transfer to third parties

We guarantee the confidentiality of your contact details, we undertake not to use them for illegal purposes and not to transfer them to third parties, except as otherwise provided for in the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use Agreement.  

The administration of can establish contractual relationships with third parties who provide their services to users through or through other (third-party) sites linked to this site. It is entirely up to the user to decide whether or not to use a third-party provider. By submitting your personal information to us in any of the ways listed herein, you agree that such information may be transferred across national borders and stored and processed in any of the countries in which our offices, our partners, or the offices of third parties not affiliated with us may be located, including but not limited to those providing services to us or any of our users. Any of our partners who, in order to provide services to you, access your personal information through our site will not use that data for any other purpose or disclose that data to any third party.

In some cases we are required by law to assist law enforcement or to comply with court decision, to provide information about you to a third party, and we will be compelled to do so. The third party in such cases is usually an official representative of the executive or judicial authorities. Also, if you violate the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use Agreement, we may disclose your personal information in order to protect our interests or exercise our rights as permitted by law.

We may disclose personal information when it is necessary to prevent suspected illegal activities, protect the rights, honor, dignity, property or safety of our own or any of our users or business partners. We may provide access to personal information in the event of asset sales, mergers, investment solicitations or other similar commercial transactions, solely to our prospective partners or their representatives, and only on a confidential basis. All our possible partners undertake not to use such data for any other purpose or disclose it to any third parties.

5. Concluding provisions

We treat users of or any of its services with great respect and pay special attention to the protection of personal information. We assure all users of that we are taking every precaution known to us to protect your personal information. These measures include protection of users' personal information from unauthorized access, copying, distribution, modification, deletion and other possible illegal actions of third parties. 

If you have any additional questions, we would ask you to contact us using the feedback form.

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