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Online Car Rental

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Among our partners are  the world's leading car rental companies.  These are reliable companies, whose services are used by millions of people around the world.

Why it's better to book a car in advance

Best terms

You can compare prices, study the terms, order additional equipment and insurance.

Best choice

The most popular and profitable cars are sold out in advance. The cars that no one wanted to book remain in place.

Time saving

You do not need to spend the whole day looking for the offices of rental agencies and analysis of their pricing policies.

Services available

damage waiver (CDW)
Travel to
other countries
ski rack
cargo boxes

Every year more and more tourists plan independent vacations, and car rental on vacation is becoming an obligatory item in the organization of the trip. The simple and quick procedure of booking a car online allows you to make your vacation a rich and interesting experience. After all, how many things and places you can see without being tied to the schedule of public transport or rules of tourist groups!

Traveling by car, you can make a stop at any time (and with children there are many such stops) or in the places you are interested. Renting a car for families with children means, first of all, comfort, saving time and effort. And also an opportunity to see more in the same period of time and, quite often, it is cheaper than traveling as a family by public transport.

Almost all international and local rental companies offer additional car rental services. With children it is important not to forget about safety, so you can always ask for a child seat or booster. Many companies have a discount program in which each subsequent rental may be cheaper than the previous one. Renting a car if you travel with a child will be the right decision, and planning all subsequent trips, you will certainly return to this service.

Networked car rental companies

  • 24/7 support and opening hours
  • Big choice of cars in different classes
  • Low mileage of rental cars
  • Prices are a little higher on average
  • Because of popularity may not provide a car of the booked class in the high season
  • Mandatory deposit blocking on a credit card

Local suppliers

  • Prices are usually lower
  • You can bargain on the spot on the conditions of rental and insurance
  • You do not always need a bank card for the deposit, you can pay on the spot in cash
  • More modest fleet of vehicles
  • No 24/7 support
  • May be high mileage in rental cars

Tips for tourists with children

Do not put off booking a car until the last day. To have a good choice and reasonable prices, it is better to book a car 1-2 months before your intended trip.
Do not forget to include a child car seat in your reservation. Due to high demand in car rental centers, it may not be available without prior reservation.
Pay attention to the class of the car. Small cars may not have enough space in the back to install the car seat, as well as limited trunk space.
Do not skimp on insurance. If you rent a car for the first time, it is better to take insurance with additional options: Full CDW or Super CDW with zero deductible.

What Documents Do You Need to Rent a Car

Proof of identity

Travel passport or any other ID document

Driver's license

Valid international driver's license

Valid credit card/cash for deposit

Credit card in the name of the main driver with a sufficient balance of available funds.

Rental company voucher

Printed or electronic voucher.

What categories of cars can be rented

Car inspection

When you receive the car, you should check its interior and carefully inspect the outside of the car for damage or scratches.

Rubbish, minor scratches and dents
Check the tire pressure before driving
In the car park before departure check the fuel level in the gas tank
Take pictures with the date of every available car part
Inspect the windshield and make sure the wipers and wiper are working properly
Make sure that all devices, including the navigator and audio system, are working properly

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When choosing a car take into account the number of travelers, consider the category of cars that will provide space for all passengers and luggage. Pay attention to the rules of fuel use, spelled out in the contract. If you were given a car with a full tank, then you should return it to the rental company with a full tank, too. The most convenient way is to pick up the car directly at the airport, but as a rule, it costs a little bit more than in the rental centers outside the airport.

It is best (and most profitable) to book a car in advance, 1-2 months before the trip. In this case you will be offered a larger choice of cars of the required category. It is worth noting that during the high season and holidays rental prices go up due to increased demand.

You can book a car for another person. To do this, you need to enter their personal data when booking. The second driver must meet the same requirements as the main driver.

In many European countries it is allowed to rent a car from the age of 19 (Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Finland) or 21 (Poland, Czech Republic, France, Hungary). Rental companies regulate age limits independently. Thus, most car rental firms have age requirements for the driver between 21 and 70 years old. If the driver is under 25 or over 70 years old, additional fees may be charged, as this category of customers is considered high-risk and insurance for them is more expensive.

Kidvoyage cooperates with many major international car rental companies, as well as with some local firms, so we offer a large selection of cars at the most attractive prices. Using the search form you can always compare prices and book a suitable car.

In some cases, the rental company staff may ask you to pay additional costs. These may include government taxes, location fees, one-way rental fees, return car elsewhere, fuel fees, navigation system fees, winter tires and chains, credit card fees, young/senior driver fees, out-of-hours service, roadside assistance, mileage and cross-border fees, child seat for toddler and booster for older child, etc. We recommend you carefully study the car rental agreement for more detailed information.

  1. Valid passport or internal passport.
  2. Driver's license.
  3. A credit card issued in the primary driver's name.
  4. Voucher received by e-mail when booking the car.

Unfortunately, in most cases it is not possible to book a car online without a credit card. After placing the reservation the staff of the rental company, before the transfer of the car keys, usually blocks the prepayment on the driver's card, the amount of which depends on the terms of the contract. Also, at the time of making the reservation and handing over the car, in most cases a security deposit is blocked on the credit card, which is returned to you after the car is returned. Some local rental agencies may arrange for a rental car without a credit card, but in that case, you will need to leave them a deposit in cash or buy full insurance with a zero deductible.

You must show a valid passport or national ID card and a valid driver's license at the time you pick up your car. Rental companies require drivers to have a full license for at least two years. Temporary driver's licenses are not accepted. In countries that have signed the Vienna Convention (most members of the European Union), it is theoretically possible to drive with only a national license, but in practice car rental companies require an international driving license along with a regular national driving license.

If you entered your flight number when booking on the car rental company's website, the manager will be able to track your flight and hold the car for you for another hour. If you did not enter your flight details, be sure to call the phone number on the voucher to report the problem.

This is the amount of money that the renter of the car (tourist) is liable to the lessor (rental car) in case of damage to the rental car. In other words, it is the minimum cost that is not paid by the insurance companies but is reimbursed by the driver of the rental car. You can find details of the amount of your car's deductible in the rental conditions and on the rental voucher.

Collision and Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage protects you if the car's body is damaged. In other words, the car rental company will not charge you the full cost of repairs for damage sustained during your rental period. Such cover always has a deductible, which you will have to pay for repairs if the body is damaged. It is worth noting that parts of the car such as the windscreen, tyres, underbody, replacement locks or keys and towing charges are not covered under the CDW policy. Accident and damage cover (CDW) will only be valid under the terms of the Rental Agreement. For example, if you damage your car while driving under the influence of alcohol, you will have to pay the full cost of repairs, not just the deductible amount.

Not the most popular service when travelling in European countries, but not at all superfluous in less secure countries. It is a type of rental car cover that limits the driver's liability in the event of the vehicle being stolen. In other words, the rental company will not charge you the full cost if the car is stolen or damaged in an attempted theft during your rental period. Sometimes there is Damage and Theft Cover. This is a combination of Cover Against Theft and Cover Against Accident and Damage. Damage Cover will only be valid under the terms of the Rental Agreement. For example, if you leave the car unlocked and it is stolen or damaged in an attempted theft, you will have to pay the full cost, not just the deductible amount.

When you pick up the car, the rental company staff will ask you to leave a deposit in case the car is damaged or stolen during the rental period. It is for this purpose that the driver must have a credit card with him. There should be enough money on the credit card (usually, the amount equals the insurance deductible + VAT + fuel to block the deposit). If you return the car to the company in one piece, the funds are usually unblocked within a week.

If you wish, you can order Super Extended Coverage for Accident and Damage (SCDW). It can include:

  • Coverage of those parts of the car that are not included in the standard coverage.
  • Excess Reduction. This means you won't have to pay to repair or replace the car if it is damaged or stolen.
  • Personal accident insurance. Covers medical expenses if the driver is injured.
  • Extended roadside assistance in case of any emergencies or breakdowns.

The car rental agreement specifies the fuel payment terms and whether the car needs to be refuelled before it is returned.«Full-Full» — is the most common fuel policy among car rental companies. When you choose this option you will receive a car with a full tank of fuel and you should return it with a full tank. If you return the car with less fuel, you will have to pay for the missing litres plus a refueling fee.

The car reservation service on the Kidpassage website works on the principle of an aggregator, collecting offers from many rental companies in one place. The collection and processing of personal information, payment data as well as the transactions themselves take place on third-party websites and without Kidpassage's involvement.

Once you have selected a car on the Kidpassage website, you are redirected to the website of our car rental partners. Reservations and payments are made directly through the rental company. After payment you will receive a confirmation letter (rental voucher) to your e-mail address. Be sure to print it out and take it with you on your trip.

You can cancel your booking on the website of the supplier (in your account). Please note that in some cases cancellations are subject to a fine, so we recommend that you read the supplier's booking conditions carefully.