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Tropical Islands Indoor Water Park

Tropical Islands Indoor Water Park

Germany, Berlin

How can you miss out on one of the largest indoor water parks in Europe and the world when you're on holiday with your child in Berlin and the surrounding towns? You certainly can't, so make sure you plan a visit to Tropical Islands Indoor Water Park, which is 70km away from the capital.

The size of the facility is truly impressive, as it is a huge man-made area. The water park building is a hangar from a former military base, which was once home to airships.

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A 'tropical island' the size of eight football pitches! Can you imagine the scale of water park fun? Don't put off a visit to Tropical Island, especially as the entertainment centre is open 24 hours a day.

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What awaits you on the other side of the door? First and foremost, this:

  • An absolute imitation of a sultry tropical beach, surrounded by exotic trees, palms and vines. Here and there are thatched huts and shallow oasis-like pools;
  • Tropical birds and animals roam freely;
  • Pleasant temperatures: the water in the water park never drops below +28ºC and the air is always at least +25ºC.

Tropical Island Waterpark is divided into several themed areas, all of which are incredibly fun. For example, the large pools named 'Bali Lagoon' and 'South Sea' offer swimming and soaking in Jacuzzis, waterfalls, volleyball games on the sandy beach and an unprecedented 25-metre ride! There are also several waterslides of medium to high difficulty.

The Tropical Sea at Tropical Islands is the size of three Olympic swimming pools and has a water temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. On a clear day, the sun will give you a natural tan, so don't forget your sunscreen!

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For lovers of lush vegetation, there is an area called FLOWER WORLD. Here you can stroll among mangroves, palm trees, magnificent orchids and other colourful representatives of the rainforest.

THE TROPICAL VILLAGE area is the epitome of oriental culture and life. Here you can see how the indigenous people of Thailand, Bali, Congo, Malaysia and Amazonia live and sample the national cuisine of each country.

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Tropical Islands also has plenty of activities for the little ones. As well as the large children's pool with water fountains, children can have fun building sandcastles on the beach or in the TROPINO CLUB.

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Children love the PIRATE WATER ZONE, where they can swim in special boats and shoot each other with water cannons. There are also mini-car and bumper car rides.

If you like a bit of action and your child is old enough, you can try your hand at Brazilian dancing or aqua aerobics. In the evenings, Tropical Island Waterpark puts on colourful water shows that involve the audience.

If you like baths, there's plenty to do here. The water park has the largest sauna complex in all of Europe.

Jacuzzis, saunas, Finnish and Russian baths, hammams and ice-cold water fountains are spread over 10,000 square metres. Admission to the sauna complex is charged separately at the entrance to the water park.

AMAZONIA, the outdoor area of Tropical Islands, is open all year round: 35,000 square metres, numerous water attractions, extensive sunbathing and sports areas as well as wellness, sports and leisure facilities for the whole family. In addition to the pool area, the main attractions are the Whitewater River, the longest whitewater canal in Germany, and Pororoca, the surf simulator.

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If you don't have all day to swim and relax in this unusual water park, you can stay in one of the hotels that are part of the complex. It's a good idea to book your room in advance, as there are plenty of people who want to relax and continue the fun.

Tropical Islands has wide aisles, wheelchair accessible toilets, changing rooms and accommodation. Ramps and lifts make many areas of the Dome accessible. The paved paths and slopes in our rainforest are also wheelchair accessible. There are also accessible Woodland Homes on the campsite.


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Opening hours

Europe's largest tropical resort is open 24 hours a day, year round, for overnight guests, including all public holidays. However, opening hours for individual attractions may vary.
* We recommend to check the openings hours before visiting
* Any inaccuracies found? Please, inform us

Ticket information

  Mon.-Fri. Weekend, holidays & public holidays
Children up to 3 years Free
Children aged 4-11 37,5 € 38 €
Adults 47 € 49 €
Students, seniors 37,5 € 38 €
The ticket Tropics Pure entitles the holder to enter the adventure area and the outdoor area AMAZONIA, between 8 a.m and 11:30 p.m.


* We recommend to check the ticket prices before visiting
* Any inaccuracies found? Please, inform us

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Country: Germany
Region: Berlin
Address: Tropical-Islands-Allee 1, D - 15910 Krausnick, GERMANY
Phone: +49 (0) 3 54 77 - 60 50 50
E-mail: [email protected]
Official website:


The water park is located 70 km south-east of Berlin. It can be reached from the main station by regional train NoRE2, RB14 (Brand Tropical Islands railway station ).

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